optim_iStock_000009503401XXLargePeloros.io’s RECRUITMENT PROCESS

Peloros.io’s goal is to provide strategic staffing solutions to fulfill your hiring needs.   Our recruiting process, tailored to your needs, includes assessing your hiring needs, an intensive search for qualified candidates and support through the interviewing and hiring process.   We strive not only to find candidates that meet your skill requirements, but also those who fit into your corporate culture and bring valuable experiences and insight to the group.   The following summarizes the typical recruitment process:

  • Client Consultation:   Peloros.io will conduct a thorough discussion with you to identify the requirements for your position.   The info gathered will become the foundation for our search plan and strategy.   After agreeing upon the recruitment terms, and the terms of employment Peloros.io will begin with the qualification process.
  • Qualification Process: Our management staff will source, screen and interview appropriate candidates for your positions.   These sourcing methods include professional networks, referrals, online searches, as well as traditional methods to identify high-potential candidates.
  • Presentation: The top candidates, resulting from our thorough interview and screening process, will be presented to you for consideration.   At this stage, we discuss and review each of the submitted candidates and their qualifications.
  • Interview and Selection: Peloros.io will facilitate the interview process by scheduling appropriate interview dates and times.   We will help you compare all candidates to the position specifications, qualifications as well as to the other candidates.   While the final decision of selecting the candidate is yours, Peloros.io will assist you in any way possible to choose the best candidate.
  • Engage:   Once the decision has been made to hire a candidate, Peloros.io will propose and submit a project contract, which includes the start date and terms of employment.  Peloros.io can also assist in negotiating a compensation package.
  • Relationship Building:   The single most important element of a successful search project is ongoing communication. We strive to maintain a close relationship with our clients and to track and monitor the performance of our candidate to guarantee a successful relationship.